A – Z Challenge | Directors Series | V – K. Vishwanath

In the series of A – Z Challenge, my dear friend and Quora celebrity Pratip Vijayakumar who blogs in Realities Around us has guest blogged for the letter V. Here is the post by Pratip.

Vishwanath is an Indian Filmmaker who is considered to be one of the great filmmakers in India and to his accolade, he has won 5 Indian National Awards and various awards for his films. He is known to deal with wide range of human and Social issues in most of his films. In a country with so many Social stigmas, caste issues he tried to break them with his movies. Telugu Film Industry is known for its commercial films but blending commercial with Social issues.

VK Vishwanathan

In Spite of Sankarabharanam being one of his best movies, we are spotlighting  Swati Mutyam. The movie deals with the idea of remarriage. A widow with a 5-year-old boy and an autistic man falls in love and get married. How they fall in love, the repercussions of this event and how they lead their life peacefully in harmony forms the crux of the story. The director brilliantly showcased the mirror image of villages, their beliefs and their backward thoughts in this movie.

Some of the other great movies of the director are Shankarabharanam, Saagara Sangamam, Swarnakamalam and Sarada.

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