A – Z Challenge | Directors Series | U – Upendra

Upendra is an Indian filmmaker who works primarily in the Kannada Language. He is one of the few directors who experimented extensively when the mainstream commercial movies dominated. His movies were offbeat and were also interesting. He brought in a blend of commercial and offbeat thinking into the movies. Some of his movies had the shock value and utilized the controversies to bring in the audience. One of the best things about him is the experiment value and the topics he handled in his movies. He never shied away from thinking out of the box.


The movie to be spotlighted is A. A tells the story of Soorya, an alcoholic director and his struggle in life. What made this movie unique is the initial posters and convoluted storyline. When the conventional movies and remakes were ruling the Kannada Cinema Upendra’s A came as a different stroke and that stroke the chord well with the audience. Made in a meager budget of 1 crore the movie went on to collect 20 Crore rupees.

Other notable movies of Upendra are Upendra, Uppi 2, Om, H20, and Super.

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