Director Series: Zemeckis Robert

Once again our dear friend Pratip Vijaykumar who blogs at Realities around us  has guest blogged about one of the famous director here. Robert Zemeckis is an American Filmmaker, Writer and producer who is known for his Comedy movies. He pioneered in performance capture technology in his Polar Express movie which received rave reviews for the use of the technology and paved way for movies to come in the future. Although he being a director who loves to make comedy films he also ventured into Sci-fi, drama movies as well.


Although there are some amazing movies to his credit I am spotlighting Cast Away. When a man is stranded in an inhabited island for so many years. In Spite of it being a survival drama it doesn’t haunt us with Zombies or sharks but Zemeckis deals with emotions, How chuck adapts with the situation and socialises with Wilson his only friend in that island. This movie is also spiritual in many ways.

Some of the other great movies of this director includes Forrest Gump, Back to the Future trilogy, Contact.

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