Asmitha on how she became South India’s leading Bridal Makeup Artist

After a successful stint in the modeling industry, Asmitha made an unconventional shift to makeup artistry and is South India’s leading bridal makeup artist today. However, an influential family or a lucky sweep does not back her story. Instead, her inspirational journey to the top was strewn with challenges and failures along the way. She made a humble beginning at the school-going age of 13 to be the family’s breadwinner through her modeling career. In her early 20s, she was the most sought-after model in the South. But deep down, she felt her calling was not acting or modeling. “I pursued a makeup education in Mumbai, India, on my then-friend and now-husband Vishnu’s guidance. But on returning to Chennai and working on bridal clients, I realized that the techniques and products I was taught to work on made no sense to the skin in the South,” she says, adding that that led her to unlearn and self-educate through rigorous practice and trying new looks. “Passion, consistency, and commitment to work are the secret ingredients to my successful journey in the makeup industry,” when asked how she rose to the top. She adds, “I never believe in positions. They’re dynamic and do not decide my passion for work. I get up every morning and do what I’m supposed to do. Nothing less or more.”

The bridal beauty industry is evolving and demanding, acknowledges Asmitha of the famous Chennai-based studio, ‘Asmitha Makeover Artistry.’ “With the rising awareness about beauty and fashion, bridal clients come with specific demands,” concedes Asmitha. “I see makeup as a form of freedom and self-expression. So, choosing the right products for each skin type, working on varying complexities of the skin, and enhancing the facial features are all things I love, knowing that I’m on my way to giving my clients the best look of a lifetime,” she adds. When asked how busy she is as the most sought-after bridal artist in the South, she modestly says, “I usually get booked a year in advance. In addition, I also have brides who move their wedding dates according to my calendar, which warms my heart like nothing else.”

Staying at the top is tougher than reaching there. Asmitha spends a chunk of her time updating herself on the latest trends and products, consistently ranking herself as the best in the industry. As a testament to this, she also recently received the “The Most Inspiring Makeup Artist” award from SHE India, South India’s No.1 Women’s Digital Magazine. Her innovative techniques for transfer-proof, water-resistant, long-lasting bridal looks have set new benchmarks for makeup in the industry that budding and upcoming artists swear by. Not just that, Asmitha’s Academy is the favorite destination for learning makeup and makeover. So far, the academy has taught 10,000+ students through its offline and online classes in the last six years. Asked what the foreseeable future looks like, she replies, “Some new and exciting courses, delivery methods, and beautiful collaborations are underway.”