A – Z challenge | directors series | K – Kim Jee Woon

Kim Jee Woon is one of the best Korean filmmakers I have ever come across. When we talk about Korean movies it is always Kim Ki Duk who sways the film circuit with his artistic works and the next famous director who gets the spotlight is Park Chan Wook. Kim Jee Woon is my personal favourite for the variety of themes he handles and the balances the artistry with mainstream elements. You can very well see that from the diverse genres of his movies.

Kim Jee Woon
Kim Jee Woon

The movie to be spotlighted is A Bittersweet Life. The story follows Kim, a senior level mobster working for Kang. Kim is loyal to Kang and so Kang gives him a personal task. Kim reacts a little on his own and what results forms the movie. The movie looks like an action flick on the surface but, what makes it different is capturing the emotions of each and every character. The music also plays an important role in this movie and You might even recognize the tunes if you are an ardent Tamil Cinema Fan.

Other must-see works of Kim are The Good The bad & The weird, I saw the Devil, A Tale of two sisters.

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