A – Z Challenge | Directors Series | J – Jean Pierre Jeunet

Jean Pierre Jeunet is a french filmmaker known for his visually stunning movies. Jeunet’s works are influenced by the German Expressionism and French New Wave heavily. Initially, he directed movies along with his friend Marc Caro and later went on to direct movies individually. His movies are known for taking a lighter tone in conveying a serious issue. His movies have unique style that the style overpowers the substance.

Jean Pierre Jeunet
Jean Pierre Jeunet

The movie to be spotlighted is Amelie. Amelie is the most famous movie of Jeunet. The movie spins around Amelie, a teenage girl who finds happiness in making others happy but she is unable to find her true love. The journey to find her true love forms the crux of the movie. Amelie is one good movie to watch anytime for lightening up your mood and bringing some smile in your face. A perfect feel good movie.

Other notable works of Jeunet are Delicatessen, City of Lost children and A very Long engagement.

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