A- Z Challenge | Director series | G – Guillermo del Toro

Horror is a Genre where the music and ambiance take the center stage. Here comes the director who concentrates much on the monsters. Guillermo Del Toro is a person who has a different attitude towards the genre, His views on the genre are – “Much like fairy tales, there are two facets of horror. One is pro-institution, which is the most reprehensible type of fairy tale: Don’t wander into the woods, and always obey your parents. The other type of fairy tale is completely anarchic and anti-establishment.” What makes him stand apart from the rest of the directors is the nature of the story and how he perceives the same. Pacific Rim is one such movie where the movie was not reduced to more machine porn like Transformers.


The movie to be spotlighted is Pan’s labyrinth. Pan’s Labyrinth is a Spanish-Mexican dark fantasy film. The film follows the young kid Ofelia on her travel to stay along with her pregnant mother and stepfather in a war zone. Ofelia meets a lot of mythical creatures which becomes part of her story and where it leads forms the movie. The beauty about this movie is that it combines the fantasy story of Ofelia and real struggle of Spanish Civil War. The place in which the movie is set makes a huge difference and the way Del Toro balanced the realism and fantasy lead to such master piece. If you haven’t watched this movie just close the post and go watch it now.

If you are still reading and want to know more about his other works, then you can check Devil’s Backbone, Hell Boy series and Blade Series. Above all, he is the one behind Pacific Rim.

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