A – Z Challenge | Director series | F – Federico Fellini

Federico Fellini is an Italian filmmaker known for his screenplay. Fellini has won Palme d’Or for his movie La Strada. His distinct style of imagery and neorealist movies made his work unique piece of art. His movies combine the elements of dreams, fantasy and capture the distinctive thought process. His distinctive filmmaking leads to the birth of the term Felliniesque.

Federico Fellini
Federico Fellini

The movie to be spotlighted in here is 1963 classic 8 ½ . This film talks about the filmmaker who hits the creative block after he signs a film. This movie is semi-autobiographical, layered with the personal experiences of the director while hitting the creative block and the process to overcome it. This is the best movie to show the struggle of an artist trying to overcome the creative block. You might feel like being a part of the dream of the director.

Other notable works of the director are La Strada, La Dolce Vita and Nights of Cabiria.

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