A – Z Challenge | Directors Series | P – Padmarajan

Padmarajan is one of the most acclaimed Malayalam filmmaker touted to be the pioneer of starting the parallel cinema in the Malayalam film industry. When the industry was filled with artificial characters and stories, Padmarajan came up with the stories of next door men and women. He handled varied subjects with finesse. He took upon the subjects which many shied upon to take.


Padmarajan has made several movies that’s worth spotlighting but I am going to share a special one here. The movie to be spotlighted is Njan Gandharvan. The movie is about Bhama who accidentally stumbles upon a Gandharva and the Gandharva falls for her. Gandharvas should fall in love with humans and by doing so he faces the wrath of the Lords. What happens forms the story. I chose this movie because this movie was a personal triumph for the director. He faced many struggles while filming the movie. He considered this close to his heart, it took a lot out of his life yet he made the movie. What’s more to it is the negative reception at the release of the movie. But fate has its own way to play, the movie attained a cult status later. Sadly Padmarajan was not present to taste the people’s enjoyment.

Other classic movies of Padmarajan not to be missed are moonam pakkam(my personal favourite), Thoovanathumbikal, Koodevide and Desatanakkili Karayarilla.

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