A – Z Challenge | Directors Series | M – Michael Haneke

We always have seen many filmmakers trying to convey you a message, they use the medium to communicate their ideology. There are very few filmmakers who shows us a situation as asked us to question. These crop of filmmakers makes the audience think and utilise the full potential of the art and the medium. Michael Haneke is one such filmmaker. This Austrian filmmaker has touched variety of subjects that mostly examines the social issues. He also teaches film direction in the Vienna Institute.

Michael Haneke
Michael Haneke

Choosing one movie to spotlight from the treasure of Michael Haneke is literally tough. The movie to be spotlighted is Cache (2005). Cache tells the story of Georges, who is a successful host of French Literary program. He lives a peaceful life with his family. One day he receives a video cassette. The video cassette contains the surveillance footage of his home. He receives more such videos along with some disturbing notes that reminds his past. This movie again ends with an open ended climax and makes you think more what is reason and motive behind. You will be flooded with questions in understanding the story and the emotions which makes this a classic.

Other must watch movies of the director are The white Ribbon, Funny Games, The Piano Teacher and Amour.

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