A – Z Challenge 2018 – Theme Reveal

Hola People,

Last year we took up the A-Z challenge and tried to explore and introduce 26 awesome directors from all over the world. This not only served as a great exercise but also gave me some greater learning experience. It gave me an opportunity to explore some of the greatest works unknown of the known directors.

Similarly, we wanted to take up the challenge this year too. This year we will be writing about 26 actors. Stop right there, No, we are not going to talk about the lead actors whom you know very well and has a huge fan base, however, a niche it might be. These are the actors whose mere absence might have made the movie void. Despite having a staggering importance in holding up the movie they were not talked upon like the lead actors. These are the actors who act as the supporting pillar of the movie.

Hoping to learn and share more through this series to all of our readers.


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