A – Adil Hussain|A – Z Challenge |Actor series 

Adil Hussain is a theatre veteran and a face of Indie movies and mainstream Bollywood. As majority of the Indian population know him through his role of Jasoos Vijay in Doordarshan tele series under the same name. Although he starred in few Assamese and Bengali movies, his role in Reluctant fundamentalist, English Vinglish made him to prominence among the mass audience.

I personally loved his role in English Vinglish which represents majority of the Indian husbands. The movie was much praised for the leading lady’s comeback and her stellar screen presence but I personally feel that the real antagonist made the movie even better. The role of Adil Hussain has to be loathed by everyone at the same one cannot show him as pure evil. It’s a tough job to explore both extreme spectrum of a man and Adhil nails it totally.

Another personal favourite is his role in Mukthi Bhawan but I chose English Vinglish because I felt this role was much underappreciated.

As a part of A-Z series at movie herald we are exploring the underappreciated actors  who played a major role in making the movie a better one. 

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