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M for Muthukaalai in the Actors Series.

MuthuKalai started his career as a stunt artist in Kadhalukku Mariyathai. He got his first break as an actor/comedian in the movie Ponmanam starring Prabhu Ganesan and directed by S.P Rajkumar. He then on featured in many movies as a comedian. I am going to talk about a couple of movies in which he fared well and made a mark.

First of them is his combination with Vadivelu in the movie En Purushan Kulandhai Mathiri. He just comes in a scene and his collaboration with Vadivelu is just lit. Rather than speaking a lot about this scene, it is best to let you watch the scene. After this scene, Sethu sethu velayadalama dialogue became the most spoken dialogue.


The second role which I am going to share is one of my favourites. He plays the role of Vadhakodari – the spy in the movie Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikecei. His scene with Vadivelu starts off as a serious scene and ends up as one of the best moments in the movie. His voice modulation, reaction and the pronunciation make this sequence hilarious as anything. You can watch the particular sequence below although I urge you to watch the whole movie if you haven’t checked.

The final movie which I am going to share is his role as a Driver to a politician in Sivaji The Boss. This role has a scene in the movie where the protagonist explains the concept of Black Money to the crowd. Muthukalai voices the sentiment of a common man and his reaction before and after knowing the meaning of Black Money looks so natural and shows how great an actor he is.



His debut role in Ponmanam was actually written for Kanal Kannan but due to his unavailability, Muthu Kalai replaced the role.

He is a Black Belt in Karate and a trained martial artist in Silambam and a gymnast.

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