REVIEW: Visaranai (Interrogation) – Riveting Drama, Numbs you all the way.

“The film opens out on a dark,dusky early morning. In a shivering cold, one fellow runs out from a bathroom in a park where he live secretly with his friends and rushes to open the shop (provisional store) he is working,since its festival time. In the meantime,we get to know they live in a place called Guntur,Andhra Pradesh and they are emigrants(played by ‘Aadukalam’ Murugadoss,Pradesh Raj and Silambarasan)  from Tamil Nadu who does so petty jobs.”


The reason to describe the scene is to emphasis how the story starts unfolding naturally right from the start  i.e., even from the first frame and moves on,illustrating the importance on how to start a movie and set the audience up.

This is it. The movie starts unraveling as these emigrants are forcefully arrested without stating any reasons (so as the audience). BRUTALITY UNFOLDS right through out the first half.

Words cant be put forth the evilness about the things that happen right before you. Especially when the inspector,(played by Ajay Gosh) gives away the ‘prasadham’ (food sanctified by the Lord) and the next moment he starts hitting them hard.(Or) when the inspector makes them break the fast (as a sign of protest) with soothing words and then BANG..!! THE ASSAULTS..!!

Then, with the aide of a cop from Tamil nadu,by Samuthrakani who finds them out from the proceedings in court, but, for a temporary relief. The movie traces another character in the second part called AK who manages BIG SHOTS (politicians and VIPS) accounts by both ruling and opposition parties, as elections are nearing (doesn’t it relate to reality here??).. but, he too isn’t left with any mercy.

The word ‘system’ is lingered right throughout the movie.I interpret it this way, system as an imaginary authority governed by top officials,politicians or call it who ever may be and it is thrusted both on the have’s and the have not’s and it is the only omnipotent thing. 

Music was used thematically and doesn’t bring on the dramatizing or jarring effect,which is a job well done. Kudos G.V.Prakash Kumar. The dailogues too were subtle,but used very effectively. Be it the the conversation of Afzal and the Police Officer at the end (amazingly performed and written) or the philosophy of a constable (by E.Ramadoss) describing that there should be reason for death as there is a reason for birth. But,The profanity was muted by the censors,which did irk at the beginning.Be it the documentary feel it gives and the wide shots during assaults,capturing the essence of the moments to the utmost level. Amazing work by Ramalingam.

It is Vetrimaran’s best work till date and a enthralling movie experience.

P.S.: The movie is based on the true events (first half) on the turmoil undergone by M.Chandrakumar and he has accounted it as a novel called ‘Lock Up.’

The second part didn’t follow the novel,but based on the other such event happened and Vetrimaran here describes about it.

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