REVIEW: Thangamagan – Drama …. Trauma

         First things first,I’m a great fan of Dhanush’s acting skills,his rise to stardom etc.. Also,to an extent a fan of Anirudh’s chartbuster numbers (except Vedhalam). The combo of Dhanush + Anirudh + Velraj’s previous work ‘VIP’ (Vellai Illaa Pattathari) was sort of felt like an average flick at that time, but it eventually become an blockbuster hit just because it spoke about the sudden fall out in engineering field and the consequent unemployment, with trademark ‘Rajini Style’ punch dialogues.(which was the thing that irked me big) But,the songs were instant chart busters and i loved it.

         Lets now get into  Thangamagan. First, its album.. Except for ‘Enna Solla… ‘ no other tracks had that catchiness or the magic of VIP’s OST. With utmost expectations, went to catch the movie.As the trailer hinted, right from the start felt like deja~vu to VIP. (Hero is jobless, waits to stalk a girl with the aide of his friend and it goes on) After wooing the girl, the expected break up part was inevitable which was so amateurishly written and the twist leading to it was even more disgusting. The girl role was played by Amy Jackson and its high time that she stops acting in tamil movies as Anglo-Indian, but reality is that she couldn’t play any other role other than being an Anglo-Indian. Uff.. The first half felt ages. But, there was lots up sleeve in second half which was even more traumatic.

The second half gets us introduced with another heroine,Samantha with her own dubbed voice and trying to perform in which she fails miserably. The things which save us to an extent were Dhanush’s performance (obviously intimate romance with heroines, which he does naturally..!!)  K.S.Ravikumar’s performance was laudable and makes us sit up with something to savour. But, to our misery he gets only few scenes and gets hanged leaving us behind. Radhika in her usual mother’s role, does her small part neatly. The thing with the entire movie(precisely second half) is that it was filled with too much of drama, eventually looking like a mediocre TV Serials. This is where, the makers should have looked up to the ‘Visu Movies’ of mid 80s in balancing the drama, to end up with a successful venture. (just a thought) The antagonist part or the twist too was unconvincing to the fullest and also the actor performing it.

All in all,

 Never ever felt VIP was a neat family entertainer,but this ‘Thangamagan’  makes me to consider it seriously..!!!


Dhanush, as an actor should give a spare of thought even while doing the so called ‘mindless entertainers’.

Anirudh should get off from the hungover of ‘3’,while doing his background score.

Velraj should stop doing cameos as Police Officer.

M.S.Baskar, was under used.

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