Thithi (2016)- Hilarious, Witty and Brutally Realistic All The Way

The movie set up in a remote village (Nodekoppalu) of Karnataka, and opens up with an old man, who uses swear words almost on everyone who passes him (including children who go for their schooling). The old man is so damn funny with his choice of words and he then walks away to do his morning ritual and he falls. The old man is 101 years.!!! This opening scene was a perfect example on how to start a movie. You name it everything. Acting,scripting as well as the execution, sets the viewers beautifully. Thus, emphasizing the importance on how to start a movie (the ending shot too needs a special mention). Rest of the movie is about the final ceremony and the next days that leads to a ritual in indian culture, called ‘THITHI’.

Sometimes the so called actors would irk and test your patience in most of the movies these days. But, surprisingly in ‘Thithi’ none were trained actors and each one in the movie does their part of a professional. Be it the nomads that camps outside the village, or the four ‘Gowdas’ or the money lender (who was so damn hilarious in few scenes she got) or the dual of a frightened husband and a threating wife.I visualize this movie through the life of second Gowda (Gadappa aka Beard Man) who steals the show with his cool dude performance. The man who walks or roams around the village surroundings right from dawn to dusk and has a ‘tiger brand’ brandy in his pocket to taste it every now and then. Be it the reaction for his father’s death or the response to do the last rituals (here is the snapshot)



Special mention to his performance was the story he narrates to the nomads he joins,describing his life. Man. This man must be a trained actor. The expressions and the way he carries the scene with the whole frame covering him. Pure Genius at work.!!! The other important character in the movie is that of Thamanna, son of Gadappa. Once the grandfather is died, the intention to seek the ancestry lands rises. It needs an approval from his father Gadappa, but he refuses and the things he does after that (some weird and foolish) forms the story along with the love angle from the last gowda (Abhi) with a shepherd girl belonging to the nomad group where the Gadappa gets accompanied.


The movie stands out with its steady pace and showcasing the liveliness in a remote village of India and just reflecting the happenings with utmost perfection. The philosophical showcasing of materialism, father-son relationship at different stages in the film without being preachy and easily among the finest movies released this year.



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