Batman V Superman – Justice League Origins

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice. This movie is the sequel to the Man of steel. Man of steel is a great film on the product placements. So I went with nearly worst expectations but some of the promos and the social media buzz made me believe that this movie will be better than its predecessor. And thus I fell into the trap of Zack Snyder.

First of all this is a 2 hr. 33 min trailer for the upcoming justice league movie where they have kind of communicated that Justice League will be formed by Batman. This is no way the sequel to a Superman movie where the person having dominance is only Batman. I really liked Ben Affleck’s take on the role. My initial bias was that Batman won’t fit in the movie but Batman alone had the perfect sync. Also the extended cameo of Diana aka Wonder woman is also good, when she comes the dialogue exchange between bat and super is the only comic relief in the movie in good manner, which I can’t say as a spoiler because you have seen that in trailer itself.

As the hero of the movie the person who suffers the most is Superman. Come on, he is superman let us not put him lower than human. Nolan did humanize Batman and it was awesome because for god’s sake he is an ordinary man with hard work. Superman is a proper superhero with proper powers. He is an alien. What we expect in a superman movie is never present in this.

The movie is dark, gloomy and the characters lacked depth in few aspect. I am not blaming but Dark knight trilogy got its due because of the great writing than anything. I got the point that DC wants to bring the same kind of universe among all the superheroes, but it’s entirely different and Zack has to understand that.

I know that many of my friends liked the movie and felt that it did justice – the American way but I am one among the many who are not satisfied with the end result. SPOILERS AHEAD: Come on guys Bat leaves superman just on hearing the name of the mother. I felt like watching a Tamil movie with mother sentiment. Luthor trying to do Joker is miserable. Alright we got a glimpse of Cyborg, Aqua man, Flash along with wonder woman and very less product placement comparing to the previous flick. But can I say that these are enough to say the movie as good? Superman ready to cry whenever possible is too much to digest. He is not – not so superman he is Superman so make him be like that. No need for a lots and lots of metaphor we get that he is Jesus. Okay.

I am so much worried about the fate of Justice League, so I am going to watch the Animation series which was broadcasted in Cartoon Network years ago. I still remember the heroes in that series better than any. That’s the top of the mind affiliation when I think of superman.

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