Maayavan – A Must watch Sci-Fi

After a long time, we are back with a movie review. Maayavan is a Tamil Sci-fi movie directed by C.V Kumar. CV Kumar, who is known very well for producing fresh and new wave movies such as Soodhu Kavvum, Pizza and so on helmed the direction for the first time. He chose a rather difficult zone of Sci-Fi for his foray into direction. The movie stars Sundeep Kishan, Daniel Balaji, Jayaparakash, Lavanya Tripathi and Jackie Shroff playing major roles.

The movie starts with a police officer chasing a goon and accidentally discovers a murder happening. While chasing the killer down he gets injured in the fight and recovers after a good amount of treatment. Soon after the recovery he joins the police force despite the psychiatrist’s advice of not to join. In a murder case, he notices a similar pattern to that of the murder that caused him the injury. What happens next forms the rest of the movie.

First of all a big congrats to the director C.V. Kumar for taking such niche genre to mark his debut. The screenplay written by Nalan Kumarasamy(Soodhu Kavvum fame) along with C.V Kumar and Krishna Kumar is excellent. A Sci-Fi thriller should be cautious in handling the logic and should ensure that the audience is still interested in the story. The screenplay is crisp and makes the audience invested in the story. Although the final portions felt a bit dragged, it definitely isn’t bad. The makers stayed true to the genre. The unnecessary item song at the beginning felt a bit drag and apart from that, there isn’t much of a complaint.

It’s sad to see that this movie didn’t get the recognition and audience it deserved due to the highly acclaimed Aruvi swaying away all the crowd. Aruvi’s acclaim overshadowed this gem. I myself had to rely on Amazon Prime to watch this movie. Glad that Amazon Prime releases the movie soon and paves way for the moviegoers to watch it at the earliest possible time in a legal way. If you are an Amazon Prime member, watch it. You won’t regret spending 120 minutes for this movie.  

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