Jean Claude Van Johnson – Funny, Nostalgic and Bingeworthy

Amazon Prime has been rolling a lot of original drama and Breathe is the recent one starring Madhavan. While checking for the episodes of Breathe, I stumbled upon the series, Jean Claude Van Johnson. A Martial Arts fan and a 90s Kid anything starring Vandamme should catch your eyeball. The trailer was intriguing and the season constituted just 6 episodes each of 30 minutes. A perfect binge-worthy series on a boring day.

What if your favourite Hero is a Black Ops operative and his blockbuster movies are just a cover to his operations. The pilot episode was awesome. This self-satire – action comedy started out brilliantly. Jean Claude Van Damme steals every scene (obviously) in the pilot episode. It’s funny, enjoyable and time pass-worthy.

Although the middle episodes stretched a bit cringe-worthy as they tried to squeeze in a lot of genres and kind of lost in the travel. Some of the scenes worked while some failed miserably. There was even a high probability of abandoning in the middle if you aren’t too invested in the lead character. But due to its short running time and at parts funny references and nostalgia factor this series is definitely worth watching.

Yay, if you are an 80/90s kid who grown upon seeing Blood Sport and Kick Boxer, would love to see a different Van Damme and lots and lots of Nostalgia with some quirky and funny references/ self-dig.

Nay, if you are looking for a great series with some depth or too clever writing.

Just start with the pilot and you just might enjoy the cancelled series. Although certain episodes didn’t work for me and felt a bit of lazy writing, I enjoyed the series for Self-satire of Van Damme and Nostalgia. You can watch the trailer of the series below.

Watch it on Amazon Prime.

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