Zero – Non negative

Zero – this movie I watched with no expectations. I would say the movie was pretty okay not that much I would go to say it as a worst movie. I usually like the movie which kind of alters the already existing notions and tries to bring in perspective. The writer of the movie tried something like that in this movie. When the movie started off with the voice over by Goutham Vasudev Menon sort of increased the expectations.


The initial phase of the movie was setting the mood and although it is evident that the movie is a low budget some of the visuals were stunning. I particularly enjoyed the other dimension visuals and the tone. One of the best thing about the movie is Nivas K Prasanna’s music. The music was not jarring but good enough to create the creeps and Goosebumps. Especially the theme music portion was too good. In the recent times I am able to see a lot of importance given to the background score of the movies. And among them Santhosh Narayanan, Vishal Chandrasekar were excellent and now Nivas also joining the band wagon. Kudos to him.

As the season of horror is going on this movie just want to make some cash on the run. I seriously hope that this director make some good movie in the future. He has showcased that he has skills and a wee bit of importance to script and budget will help to make some good movies in the future.

The reason I felt the movie was a decent watch is that I watched Batman V Superman after this. That’s the reason I am able to say it as a decent flick. Some of the things that I hated in the movie is that they totally wasted one of my favourite actor JD Chakravarthy. It seems like the industry is doing it regularly as a ritual. JD Chakravarthy, Manoj Bajpayee and Kay Kay Menon have been wasted by the industry so much. Although the romance can be justified to an extent I felt it’s not much evident on the screen. Few tweaks could’ve made the movie better nevertheless it is watchable.

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    1. Yes, I agree to an extent, This movie was not too worst, especially the haunting music was appreaciable. But wasting JD was a sin. They are doing it for a long time.

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