Best of MS Viswanthan

Today the legendary music director MS Viswanathan has passed away. His body has left the world but there is always his music to remind us who he was. Rather than writing a sad post I would like to share a few songs that touched every soul. These songs are my personal choice and I think these are the best of MS Viswanathan. He has composed a humongous number songs along with T.K. Ramamoorthy.

Malarnthum Malaratha – Pasamalar

This song sung by TM Soundarrajan and P Susheela. This song is typically a milestone or benchmark brother and sister song. Still there is no song to replace the song. The father sings to his baby how he has to live a beautiful life with his prospective bride. It is so iconic that the song was partially used in a recent movie Jigarthanda.

Paadatha paatellam and Roja Magale – Veerathirumagan

The movie starring C. L. Anandan and directed by A. C. Thirulokahander is a great movie still remembered for these two songs. These two songs made the hero remembered even now. Both the songs are crooned by the legendary P. B .Shreenivas. The former is crooned along with the S. Janaki and the latter is with P. Susheela.

Ullaththil Nalla Ullam – Karnan

The movie made with huge star cast talks about the life of the mythological character Karnan/karn of Mahabharatha portrayed brilliantly by Sivaji Ganesan. Out of all things the climax song sung by Seerkazhi Govindarajan. The visually stunning N. T. Rama Rao as Krishna takes the song to another level. I don’t want to say that the song is still remembered as I saw with my eyes the applause for the song in the theatre during the release of the remastered version in Sathyam.

Avalukkena – Server Sundaram

Based on the play by K. Balachander the movie starred Nagesh in the leading role. This song crooned by TM Soundarrajan. The song has an apt tune for performing a beautiful dance. The dance for the song by Nagesh is a treat to watch. The song is too much addictive.

Ammamaa – Rajapat Rangadurai

The song sung by none other than TM Soundarrajan depicting the heartbreak of the brother is just stunning. The lyric is stunning and so deep. It is one of the best performances of Sivaji in a song sequence in my humble opinion.

Ragangal Pathinaaru – Thillu mullu

Yes he did it for Rajnikanth too. I can’t imagine any other romantic song for the superstar to supersede this yet. The song is sung extraordinarily by SP Balasubramaniam.

Chippi Irukkuthu – Varumayin Niram Sivappu

For Kamal this is the most subtle duet at the period. The song sung by SP Balasubramaniam and S. Janaki had elevated the movie. This song sequence is one of the best subtly shot song sequence.

Vaa Vennila – Mella thirnathathu kathavu

Breakthough movie for actor Mohan to turn into Mike Mohan. I am still finding it hard to pick one song from this album as every song is unique and holds equal importance in my playlist.

If you have noticed that I haven’t mentioned one single MGR film yet because it needs a special mention. MSV played a huge role in the career of the late MGR. I would rate Aayiraththil Oruvan as one of the best albums as I can’t skip any song from album in my playlist. Be it the heroic Atho antha paravai pola, or Odum megangale or Yen endra kelvi. The album cannot be replaced and can be easily stated as the best album in my opinion.

Kathalikka Neramillai is another such album where you cannot skip any songs. Especially the song Vishwanathan velai venum was funnily written by the lyricist terming to the composer for seeking the job to write lyrics. Do mentions you favorite in the comments section.


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