Preview of movies releasing this weekend – Inside out, Demonic

This weekend to my knowledge the movies that are going to hit the theatres and caught my eyes are Yagavarayinum Naa Kaakka, Kaaval, Inside out and Demonic. Among these what are the movies you might give your preference to watch and the reason to watch will be discussed below.


Obviously it is the first choice for any movie goer. This is the movie which coming out without the inputs of Steve Jobs and John Lasseter. The movie is directed by Pete Docter who previously did Pixar’s UP. After UP it was Toy Story 3 the movie which I liked. After that I personally felt there was not much of Pixar standard in the movies. Early reviews of the movies says the Pixar is back. Apart from this there is no big reason needed even though it has many other reason such as the premises in which the story takes place.


Demonic_Movie_Poster_WikiThis movie is a horror film produced by the famous director James Wan, who every Horror aficionado knows. Made with a meager budget of 3 million dollars, it follows the usual template for any horror movie constituting a haunted house. If you are a horror fan or a James Wan fan you can hope for it. It is also to be noted that another product of James Wan production is releasing the same day. So it is obviously James Wan versus James Wan for all horror fans.

Yagavarayinum Naa Kaakka:

This the movie starring Aadhi of Eeram fame directed by his brother. After Aravaan this is his first prominent movie in Tamil, keeping aside his voice performance or motion capture performance in Kochadaiiyaan. The plot of the movie is the life of a happy go lucky man turns upside down on an incident and that leads to him to search for an underworld don. This film makes the first appearance for Mithun Chakraborty in Tamil cinema. It is told that the movie is based on real life incident in chennai.


This movie stars Vimal and Samuthirakani. The movie is written and directed by R Nagendran whom we saw in a glimpse in Thiruttu Payale and Saroja. The movie is said be an action movie based on a true story. This might be the last choice of movie to go for the week but we cannot judge the movie without watching and I feel that this might be a surprise competitor as not much bigger Tamil movies releasing this week.

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