Marvel Cosmos – Fandom Unleashed

As a marvel fan, what is the extent you go for your fandom? There is a marvel fan who did memes for every damn dialogue of End Game. Now beat this !!!


Usually, I don’t write articles talking about the fanfares but this is something that forced me to write an article on their sheer dedication and fandom.


In my Twitter handle, I used to share Marvel memes regularly as I felt it gave me the connection and also it helps me in communicating the message, sharing my opinions effectively. Like Thanos says Memes are inevitable. While searching for some good memes to share I came across the page of Marvel Cosmos dedicated to creating a meme on every dialogue of Avengers End Game. 


I was fascinated by this and started following this regularly. I am writing this article so that I want to register their effort in this fast-paced internet world where your efforts are short-lived. 


You can follow the page Marvel Cosmos at the following link.


I am sharing here some of my favorite memes from the page.