Kuruthi Aattam – A string of thrilling conflicts loses flavour due to the dramatisation

The gripping conflicts among a bunch of characters are what make the movie most compelling. It starts with a Kabbadi match played between two longtime rival teams and moves swiftly through the prime characters where you get to know them instead of being introduced explicitly.

The friendship between the two Kabbadi opponents Sakthivel and Muthu is so endearing, and the subsequent circumstances ultimately lead to the crux of the story. He appears to be your protagonist halfway through, slowly and steadily ‘Kanna Ravi’ as Muthu nearly steals it away from ‘Adharva’. He is one of the few honest faces on screen. A little altercation during a Kabbadi match that results in much BIGGER rioting, retaliation, and betrayal is better written than carried out.

Thanks to Sri Ganesh’s writing, Anil Krish’s editing and Yuvan’s background score, the first 30 minutes following the interval build up the succession of confrontations and establish the ideal pace for a climax to end on a strong note but eventually drops as it progresses. The friendship between “Sakthi” and “Muthu” was handled so brilliantly by Sri Ganesh as a writer, while the rest—”Sakthi-Vennila,” “Sakthi-Kalai,” or even “Sakthi-Kanmani”—failed to leave an impression. Unfortunately, the melodrama in these relationships is the biggest letdown and leaves a lot to be ignored.

This “Atharvaa” starrer, which had all the elements for an exciting commercial action thriller that could have easily competed with movies like a “Ghilli” or a “Polladhavan”, ultimately fails and deviates from the path of convention.

  • Cast: Atharvaa, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Radharavi, Radhika, Kanna Ravi
  • Written and Directed by: Sri Ganesh
  • Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
  • Cinematography: Dinesh Purushothaman
  • Editing: Anil Krishna
  • Produced by: Rock Fort Entertainment