Five reasons why you must watch Game of Thrones

Few weeks ago everybody in the universe mourned for the death of Jon Snow. The makers David Benioff and D. B. Weiss got all the curse in the world for doing so. Even George R. R. Martin who actually wrote all the books was not cursed till that day. He kills the character only partially in the book whereas the makers of the HBO series took a valiant effort to torture the viewers to kill the most likeable character. When the people are still recovering from the instance GRRM took a turn and announced that he will kill a leading lady in the next book. Despite a lot of negative instances like that Game of Thrones is standing tall among all the TV series. Even then you are not a fan of the series or haven’t watched it yet then the post is for you. Let me state five reasons why you must watch Game of Thrones and also few lessons the HBO series teaches us.

World isn’t fair to you: The story takes places in the fantasy world of Westeros and Essos. We have seen a lot of fantasy world and every world seems to an ideal world. Those worlds possess a clear distinction of good and evil. Those worlds always have the policy and hope that good triumphs over the evil and no one worries about the end. But in reality those world’s doesn’t exists and Game of Thrones is clear on showing a world which doesn’t differentiate good and evil. It rather gives a point of view about the world and talks about controlling and sustaining in the imperfect world. Just like everyday life the characters also feels that the world is not fair to them. You may be a child of a king or a honest man but that doesn’t help you in securing your future. In order to secure your future you must survive and the survival skills doesn’t differentiate your acts as righteous and non-righteous.

Jon snow is dead

Size doesn’t matter: To be the most loved character you don’t have to be with a great physique. One of the most loved characters is a dwarf. One of the famous lines of Tyrion Lannister is, “If you accept your flaws then no one can turn it against you”. Of course it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to struggle to earn the place it says that if you struggle you can earn the place. Similarly you don’t have to be menacing to make everyone hate you. You can even be a frightened child whom once Batman helped. Just by your action you can become a monster.

tyrion lannister

Power is Power: we all know that there is a quote called Knowledge is power. But power is not having knowledge but power is about yielding it. You can know everything and you can even be a master strategist but if you can’t yield power then you don’t have power.

knowledge is power baelish game of thrones

Valar Morghulis and Valar Doeharis: These two words according to me form the gist of the series on its entirety. The first phrase is translated all men must die. This is evident from the happenings of the series that all men must die. The second phrase is translated as all men must serve which means before they die they have some duty to play their role. Once their duty is finished they are relieved from the life in a fashionable manner.

You may try to suppress but you can’t: This is one of the few series which has the strong female characters. The female characters in the series are not only killed, harassed and so on, despite all of that they are standing tall. At the end of season 5 all men is having a hope only on the mother of dragons not any other men. This is something many series can’t do. This essentially says that one can try to suppress women in any way possible but you cannot actually suppress them as they come back stronger.

mother of dragons

I am pretty sure these reasons and lessons are intriguing enough for a newbie to watch the series.

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  1. “You can even be a frightened child whom once Batman helped. Just by your action you can become a monster.” I see what you did there. 😀
    Very well written. Waiting eagerly for the next season to release (or the books, whichever comes first)

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