5 Must watch Robert De Niro movies of 2000s

Hi all, After a long time a post I am writing about a movie that has released a long back. Today is the birthday of the legendary actor Robert De Niro. He is one of my favourite actor of all time. The eternal love for Scorcese was made possible solely because of De Niro. So after a long marathon of watching Raging Bull and other Scorcese – De Niro combo it felt really bad that there were not much role tailor made for him. I am not sure if Scorcese misses De Niro but I do miss the combo so much. Here is the list of 5 movies to watch from 2000s if you are die hard fan of the actor. They are not great movies or the great roles but definitely an entertaining watch if you are a fan of the actor. 

The Score – This is a crime thriller movie that stars Edward Norton and Brando along with De Niro. The movie was crisp, enjoyable. This movie is in fact not at all a great movie when compared to the roles essayed by the actors but this is a decent watchable flick made enjoyable by the performances of the actors. This is one movie you can watch if you are die hard fan of De Niro.


Analyze That: This is a sequel to the Harold Ramis comedy Analyze This. Watching the legendary Billy Crystal along with Robert DeNiro is it self a treat and if it is a comedy by Harold Ramis then no questions asked. This sequel may not live up to the level of the predecessor but definitely a worth watch in this time.

Robert De Niro in Analyze that

Being Flynn is a first movie that gave some scope for the actor show his genius on screen in the 2000s. He plays Jonathan Flynn, father of the protagonist a broken man. This movie can be said as a movie where after a long long time one can see the real De Niro all the way. Especially the confrontation scene with his son would be enough for any fan to watch an otherwise okayish movie.

De niro in BEING FLYNN

Silver linings playbook is one decent movie where I was able to see a good amount of screen for the Charming father, some scenes were exceptionally made. As a superstitious father trying hard to make amendments with his son Scorcese aced the show. Especially the spat with Jennifer Lawrence on blaming her with the loss of his favourite team made the movie. To me it was a decent role given to De Niro after Meet the parents. Although in the name of sequels they just utilised him rather than providing a feast to the actor’s hunger.

Robert De Niro in Silver linings playbook

The Intern – Even the movies such as Last Vegas and Grudge Match failed to impress a true die hard De Niro fan who just watches anything and everything with a De Niro. It was the time movie The Intern gave a tiny glimpse of hope of watching De Niro for a full movie. The movie is indeed a treat to all the die hard fans of De Niro. This movie is a great feel good movie came after a long time. Watching De Niro is always a treat. In this movie he plays as an intern in a e-commerce startup and how he bonds and works with the new age people forms the crux of the movie. Especially his bonding with Anne Hathaway is handled well. It is a movie that definitely brings a smile in the face.

The Intern Poster

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