28 Days of love – 9/28 – Adiye Azhage

Day 9: Adiye Azhage

Song:                     Adiye Azhage

Movie:                  Oru Naal Koothu

Singers:                Sean Roldan, Pushpalatha

Lyrics:                   Vivek

Music Director:   Justin Prabhakaran

Director:               Nelson Venkatesan


Misunderstandings and fights form an integral part of the love. The convincing and understanding that happens during the consoling period has a better impact on the love than the happy and joyous moments they shared. This song precisely does that in a neat way. This song shows when the leading pair gets into a fight and how they reconcile. What makes this song special is that it shows it pretty much close to reality like how it happens with most of us. With Sean Roldan’s rustic voice this song is aptly pictured and captures the little expressions one may encounter during the fights.

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