28 Days of love – 19/28 – Un arugayil varugayil

Day 19:  Un arugayil varugayil

Song:                      Un arugayil varugayil

Movie:                   Kalloori

Singers:                 Haricharan, Harini Sudhakar

Lyrics:                    Na. Muthukumar

Music Director:   Joshua Sridhar

Director:               Balaji Sakthivel


In one of our previous posts, we have seen the casual love blooming between the college students in Udhayam NH4 song. That song depicts the urban love and this song portrays the love in rural college. The love which is not explicitly stated but understood and enjoyed implicitly through conversation brings more joy than any other love. The shyness between the lead to open up and at the same time, they can feel the love blooming over. Balaji Sakthivel captures that subtle love beautifully to the tunes of Joshua Sridhar.

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