28 Days of love – 14/28 – Nenjoraththil

Day 14: Nenjoraththil

Song:                     Nenjoraththil

Movie:                   Pichaikkaran

Singers:                 Supriya Joshi

Lyrics:                    Annamalai

Music Director:    Vijay Antony

Director:                Sasi


On the special occasion of Valentine’s day the beautiful song from the movie Pichaikkaran. Without knowing the profession or status of a person falling in love is a great feel. It happens without the knowledge of the conscious mind. The love oozes from the heart and the basic thought is to safeguard the growing love without admitting it openly. Every one of us might have crossed that stage of screening our personal constraints in front of our love. This song captures that pretty well, being a beggar for a cause, the protagonist hides the fact without lying. This song captures the breezy love and change in emotions perfectly. Most importantly it captures the awestruck heroine in most casual way rather than dramatising it.


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