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Inside Out. I listed this movie as one of the movies to look out for at the weekend in our previous post. I got the chance to watch the movie yesterday. Honestly I was blown away and I can assure you that Pixar is back on its track. In my Inside Out review I would like to share my view on the movie and how it respects the intelligence and emotions of the audience.

The movie is all about the emotions that plays in the head. Riley is a 11 year old kid who along with her parents moves into San Fancisco from Minnessotta. On that event the emotions in her head plays a mishap. She loses joy and sadness in the process. What happens next follows the rest of the movie. Pixar always has the habit of pouring a lot of emotions through the animations and I personally feel they are the ones who has the soul in every movie. Their previous ventures were good but unable to consider it as a Pixar movie. It felt as if they have lost some charm they possessed. But with this movie they have proved that they are irreplaceable. It made me cry, smile and lol a lot. This is what I call a typical Pixar movie.

All we think is that life is full of happiness and we staunchly believe that happiness can eradicate the problems in our life. But sadness is the mother of all emotions, it brings us the comfort we need. To be happy we need to experience the sadness. Without being happy and sad our life will be indifferent, we can’t actually react to any incident. We let ourselves away from the happiness and distance ourselves. Explaining this abstract philosophical thought is not a kid’s play. If someone can explain this kind of thought then we would probably search with the movies of Fellini, Bergman and so on. But with the animated character the director Pete Docter have achieved it. This is something of a great feat.

In my humble opinion this is by far the best Pixar movie ever made. As a kid you can enjoy the animations and characters. As an adult you can think a lot, just like Inception, Solaris and lot other classics this movie also deserves a rewatch. This doesn’t mean that you won’t understand at the first watch, but rather you notice the detailing as you watch it again. After a long time a complete feast for not only the Pixar fans but to everybody who watches a movie.

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  1. I LOVED this movie too! They truly succeeded in explaining how emotions work so that children can understand what is going on when they experience them. With my background in child psychology, this movie impressed me. And it made me cry too. I watched it with my teen kids and they liked it too.

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