REVIEW: Indru Netru Naalai – Review

As a science fiction fan, there is not much of a science fiction movie to satisfy in Tamil. Indru Netru Naalai comes in the place to satisfy a good science fiction movie in Tamil. The debutant Ravikumar Rajendran, has given a movie in the lines of Back to the future. The lead actors Vishnu Vishal and Karnunakaran takes the movie in their hands and the very intact screenplay helping them to perform gives us a beautiful movie. The script has given utmost importance which is evident, also I am able to see the lot of similarities to that of the Soodhu Kavvum in terms of showing the clue for whats coming beforehand itself. Kudos to the screenplay team for the effort.

As far as the science fiction genre is considered, it is quite complicated and difficult to explain it to the audience. Hats off the script writers who made a sincere attempt to bring unambiguous story so that maximum of the audience enjoys rather than feels confused at the same time given respect to the intelligence of the audience. I hail this movie for the screenplay and the execution. On the whole it is a good science fiction movie to enjoy your day.

Few points that felt good was, the scientist from the future is clean shaven not having a french beard or stubble. Once again Karunakaran proves that you don’t need to insult anyone or overact to invoke laughter. The introduction given to the villain was wonderful and at times felt like an extension of Inspector Bramma of Soodhu Kavvum in terms of introduction given. They could have explored a lot with the time machine but with what they have done there was no dull moment.

P.S: Screenplay consultant is Karundhel and Villain Name is “Kozhandha” ? ringing any bells ??

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