Dunkirk –  A Roller Coaster Ride

Dunkirk is said to be the largest human evacuation in the order 3,40,000 (English and its Applied Troop) from a French seaport named ‘Dunkerque’. This is all the movie is about (Just emphasizing the event).

When it’s said to be a war movie, the common view or the preconceived notion is that it’s going to be something with the perspective of historic events unfolding with build up to the storyline. But, right from the get-go. It is all about the evacuation and the drama that unfolds through three perspectives – from a young soldier getting evacuated, from a fighter aircraft and from an old man who volunteers himself to the evacuation, by traveling with his boat and how it is interlinked. These, there parts are aptly named, The Mole, The Air and The Sea.

The story flow is non-linear and more of a straight forward when compared to his other flicks. The movie does take you inside,could sense the tension and the fear the soldiers undergo, aided by the pulsating soundtrack from Hans Zimmer. The sound tends to linger right throughout, enhancing the viewing experience and acts like a subtext to the story telling.

The recurring theme of his main character ‘returning home or to lead a normal life and the journey they undergo’ which could be found in Inception, Interstellar and the Batman Trilogy and with reference to this movie, the movie is about the protagonist returning home amidst crisis. Likewise, Dunkirk is about the perspective of a young soldier with whom the movie starts and the story unfolds through his point of view and the journey he undergoes.

 Dunkirk is definitely a compelling experience with a good character arc and pushed the viewer right from the start into the war zone and traveled along thereafter.

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