Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru – Review

While preparing the list of movies that I enjoyed this year, I came across this movie a considerable number of times in my Facebook timeline. Above all that, a friend of mine strongly suggested this movie to me. Thus I felt that it would be great to end the year 2016 with a good movie. In a span of two days, the movie created enough buzz in the social media to become the high priority in my watchlist. The debutant Karthick Naren has to be lauded for his brilliant effort.


The movie starts with the narration of Police officer Deepak and that moment we know what we can expect from the movie.The movie cleverly uses different narrators to explain events and points of views. Majorly in the thriller genre, the writers use escapist way or convenient assumptions in passing the loopholes. Above all, some use the mood as an excuse for a wandering screenplay.

The biggest positive about this movie is that the director is crystal clear in what he needs to present. Apart from Rahman, there are no major popular faces in the movie, the only other known face is Delhi Ganesh, who comes only for a few minutes. Rahman playing a cop nailed the grittily written role and it is much more relatable than any other cops portrayed in movies. Just like the tagline of the movie “every detail matters”, the director has given keen attention to the performances of each and every actor. Each and every character looks and behave like the people we see in real world. The imperfections of human characteristics are neatly portrayed which makes the movie interesting and unique. 

The screenplay is clear and can be seen very clearly that it is an out and out director’s movie with no compromises. The beauty of this movie is that you can easily relate it to the crimes happening around, as in a way it is happening. You can see each and every character resembling a guy next door and the people we see in the reality. The camera handled by Sujith Sarang deserves a special mention. The camerawork is perfect and captures the mood of the movie. Editing by Sreejith is slick and has done a perfect job for the movie. For any mystery movie, music can only help in elevating the mood of the scene and intensity of the story and kudos to Jake Bejoy for crafting it. On the whole kudos to the team for not compromising with a kuthu song or forced subplots to drive in more audience.

Having said all the above, the movie has its own shortcomings. Till the climax approaches, the flow, mood and the tension are good. But once it reaches the climax, you can see the forced twists to keep the audience surprised and engaged. That was not working for me, for a few it may be working perfectly fine. The actions of each character in the climax are not justified at the end of the movie. But these are all small bumps in a rather great ride.

I would definitely suggest you all visit the nearby theatres to support these kinds of bold and refreshing attempts. The movie deserves to be watched in theatres and catch it soon before the Pongal releases replace this movie. With less than 2 hours of running time, this movie deserves a good place and I really don’t want it to face the fate of Uriyadi.

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