Chennai 28 II – Entertainment All The Way..!!!!

Chennai 28 was a blockbuster hit with hardly any known artists collaborated in it during its day (its music director, yuvan was the only known artist back then). Without any guesses, it was the theme which none threw light on it before caught attention (bunch of guys playing street cricket and  their bondage. Sounds a perfect drama, isn’t it???). Its Run away success showed that many could identify themselves on screen. It was a question of time, for its sequel. Having liked its 1st part a lot, i was a bit pessimistic about this one. Teasers and Clips dint focus much on its magic that is gully cricket and buddy hood, rather taking a jibe on online reviewers and booze stuff. Still, the nostalgia associated with the 1st part and the viral promotions from the makers made me look forward with keen interest.

The storyline was simple, but  the way venkat prabhu added the segments from first part was kick ass. (Gopi’s Bat Story, Minister who felicitates the tournament finale). Performance wise, it was without doubt, ‘agila ulaga super star’ shiva, who stole the show as Karthik, runs a finance company and does mainly online reviews for movies (height of sarcasm was casting an online reviewer as commentator for the tournament that happens on screen) one. The one liners from him right through out was superb.

‘Soppana Sundari’ and ‘House Party’ are already chartbusters. But,  ‘Aboorva sagootharargal’ dubstep, vaibhav’s theme music   and ‘yaroo’ reprise during interval block was delightful. Other than that, background score from 1st part was carried here too.(Wise..!!) On the flip side,the romance part din’t fit the bill and two duet songs hampered the flow of story, especially the one right after interval.

With a simple story line,(drama of a marriage set in south as a premise) but connecting/using  the segments from 1st part made it an entertaining watch. Venkat Prabhu, has the knack of mixing drama+ gully cricket + booze very well and show cased it here too as in 1st part.

P.S. With Item Songs, Showing Booze almost throughout, the film is certified ‘U’. Ironic isn’t it???

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