The Legend – An extended version of TV commercial with outdated Tamil cinema moments

First and foremost, cinema is an art that belongs to anyone and everyone. Anyone can access or create to their own capability and creativity. It shall not restrain anyone based on the looks and stature. Nevertheless, you do not consider it a given just because you could afford it.

The story, some may say it does not exist, is thoughtful but in trying to prove that there is some sense in the film, it fails miserably. On a day filled with entertainment, the arts, and culture, we also have a session on medical science that explains the causes of diabetes and how to treat it. Dr. Saravanan, a well-known scientist with expertise in antibiotics, returns to his village and accepts responsibility for finding a cure, but instead manages to educate us with some theoretical science classes amidst being busy with his love life. He eventually embarks on a cross-country tour to exact revenge for his loss and, worse even, to find a new love.

It is blatantly obvious that the goal of the movie is to make Dr. Saravanan into a star, and in the process, they have tried out every stereotype of a mass hero that has ever existed in Tamil cinema. With the exception of some better music in the film, owing to Harris Jayaraj, the sets, group dancers, costumes, colours, and song visuals continuously serve as a reminder of all the TV ads that we have seen. The timing of the placements of songs are so spot on, that they come in perfectly irrespective of what is happening in the story.

The film has an unbelievable celebrity cast. However, Robo Shankar is the only significantly new character in the film; the others were very usual and predictable leaving not much contribution to the story. The other two with reasonable performances were Devadharshini and Thambi Ramaiah. The only comedic relief in the film was Yogi Babu with his counters on the characters reflecting the audience’s minds. When the stars of yesteryear have moved on, here is someone who makes a valiant effort to follow in their footsteps but unavoidably chooses an outdated path.

Vivek sir – It was a bliss to see him on screen and emotional listening to his live voice. The real Legend.

The Legend is a lavishly produced film with just one goal, which the audience will try to decipher after leaving the theatre.

Written and directed by: J. D.–Jerry

Produced by: Saravanan Arul

Starring : Saravanan Arul, Urvashi Rautela, Geethika Tiwari, Devadharshini, Thambi Ramaiah, Robo Shankar, Prabhu, Suman and many more.

Cinematography: R. Velraj

Music: Harris Jayaraj