LIST: Top Korean Series To Watch

These shows can save you from picking up a mediocre show and regretting it after sixteen hours of watching. 

The rising number of OTT platforms has brought quality content to our fingertips, and we can’t turn a blind eye to them if we want to make our weekends worth it. And among the sea of global content, the ones topping the charts are the Korean dramas that have us wrapped around their proverbial fingers. 

If you’ve churned out most K-Drama gems like Hellbound, Squid Game, and The Korean Odyssey, you must watch out for these fresh, right-out-of-the-door K-Dramas this year.

Crash Landing on you – Netflix

A heartwarming love story between a North Korean Man and South Korea Woman and how they face their challenges within their family and the 2 countries. Sit with your tissue papers because you would definitely need them.

Business Proposal – Netflix

Based on a novel of the same name, this 2022 K-drama is a bitter-sweet telling of what follows after the CEO of a company goes on a blind date with an ordinary employee. 

Twenty Five Twenty One – Netflix

It is a feel-good drama with romance and friendship, all staunch into a story of five characters spread over a decade. 

My Liberation Notes – Netflix 

Do not miss this one. Three siblings are on their journey through life, searching for contentment and joy in this leading K-drama.

Grid – Disney + HotStar

This one is for all the thrill-seekers, with nail-biting dead-end cases, cops with shady pasts, and cliffhangers that just won’t let go. 

Snowdrop – Disney + HotStar

If you prefer historical fiction with a hint of romance, you’ll love Snowdrop. The show dramatises various events, like Korea’s Democratic Movements of 1987. 

Cinderella and Four Knights – Netflix

A weekend’s worth of comfort watch, eccentric Ha-Won is hired by a business tycoon to live with his three spoiled grandsons. Will she be able to bring the three close?

Tomorrow – Netflix

Feel-good series which deals with mental and social issues of everyday life. This drama was at times enjoyable but humbling as it dealt with suicide and the problems that people face in modern-day Korea.

Hometown Cha Cha Cha – Netflix

Easygoing K-drama set in a picturesque seaside village that will make you laugh, cry, and appreciate life as it unfolds. You will fall in love with every character in the drama. Very meaningful and healing!

Guardian: The lonely and Great god (Goblin) – Netflix

One word about this show – “WOW” just wow. A warrior has been a goblin for 900 years and longs for the end of his agony. A young student who sees ghosts and is fated to be the goblin’s bride who can end his suffering enters his life. Must Watch!

Mr Queen – Amazon Prime

This highly streamed series is a story of a man trapped in a woman’s body and the comedy and drama that follows.