REVIEW: ‘VALIMAI’ seems to have impressed everyone with it’s action blocks, though it has too many resemblance to Jackie Chan starrer ‘New Police Story’

“Valimai” is about a cop named Arjun who is ready to go on the quest against a motocycle gang that is inflicting harm to the people by distributing drugs, murdering people, and stealing chains using their bike riding skills. When Arjun is ready to apprehend them, he learns that his own brother is a member of the gang.

The internet has been flooded with images of fans going crazy over Ajith’s screen presence and bike exploits, but that’s all there is. The film’s absence of emotion was better handled in ‘New Police Story.’

Ajith Kumar’s ‘Valimai,’ which was released after three years of production, was just another lousy cop action movie. H. Vinoth, who is known for his comprehensive compositions and intriguing screenplay, failed to live up to fans’ expectations with this project.

Fans are disappointed with the re-makes of PINK and POLICE STORY and have been demanding H.Vinoth for his original script which can compliment the actor’s persona.