The Gray Man – The Review and Dhanush

Yet another ‘Protagonist vs the power’ plot movie following similar paths of ‘John Wick’ and so on. A template story for the genre which the makers do not want to come out of, barring some fresh sentiments (not for Indian film fans though) with a father-daughter relationship, an emotional package of a guardian with a kid. The film begins straight to the point, runs at a fiery pace, and ends where it intends to and where the audience most expect.

The emotional sequences, though as an Indian watcher worked well and does not fail to make an impact. The hold on to the movie is the stunt sequences, especially the first (4 vs 6) and the one with Dhanush. The clash between two huge stars/actors would have been goosebump moments which also leaves an impact that it is not a content to reach global audiences. The screenplay was pretty straight forward and nothing much to deceive the audience or make them curious.

The ‘antagonist’ is in pursuit of the ‘protagonist’, hiring every possible agents/assassin available, with Dhanush being the best of all and ultimately ends up with the obvious high octane fist fight between the two biggies in the climax. Ryan is as cool as ice and does things with ease even with the ultimate face off with Chris. Chris Evans is the ‘Typical’ crazy and theoretically dangerous villain on paper. Russo brothers with their previous magnum opus ventures like ‘The End Game’ are known for some exciting writing and transforming them even better from paper to screen. Another beautifully rendered movie, this one lacking in surprises but providing the main stars including Dhanush with the highs they require.

Dhanush – This post is not complete without mentioning this man. Thanks to all the hype that he brought for this movie to the Indian audience, and it is not just another ‘appearance’ of an Indian actor in a Hollywood movie. With a very limited screen space, Dhanush as Avik San is probably the main antagonist after Chris Evans and Rege-Jean Page. Portraying the role of the ‘Lone wolf’, Dhanush indeed gets a ‘mass’ introduction scene as the best and most dangerous of all agents and he steals the show in the scenes he appears with his killer attitude. Goosebumps guaranteed for his fans back here.

The Gray Man – A watchable entertainer for action lovers besides some straightforward and predictable screenplay with an obvious climax.

Starring: Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Rege-Jean Page, Dhanush and many more

Directed by: Joe Russo, Anthony Russo
Adapted from: The Gray Man
Released By: Netflix

P.S: Being a Tamil movie fanatic, could not keep movies like Billa and Kaithi off my mind as I write this review.