Tamil Rockerz (Web Series) Season 1 – Features an intriguing but predictable fiction about one of the most famous crimes.

For any ardent movie fan, Tamil Rockers need no introduction. To make a fiction out of it based on some real facts, director Arivazhagan has done a fair job managing to hold the audience for 8 episodes. When you have to deal with a plain story which most of us are aware, it is the most important to bring in elements to engage the audience throughout. Starting with the irony of a cop having absolutely no interest in cinema to deal with the piracy crime, the writing does its best to make it watchable.

For obvious reasons, the writer is conscious about balancing the issues both inside and outside the film industry. That is, he is not content with just dealing with the piracy but also the business strategies, politics, and other issues within the industry but also clear with his intentions trying not to completely incline towards the piracy crime by justifying their actions. Applause for the research and detailing on the real facts done to develop the story and is also more convincingly presented. The personal vengeance from both the protagonist and the antagonist works well. There are forced deceptions which try to distract the audience works to some extent but predictable.

Arun Vijay as Rudhra finds yet another serious cop role and he does it with all his ‘cop’ experience in his earlier films. The encounter sequences remind me of something else due to the huge impact it left on the audience but does not hurt as it adds very little to the story. Notable performances by Vani Bhojan, Vinod Sagar and Vinodhini but Azhagam Perumaal, Tharun Kumar and Sharath Ravi gains more attention in pivotal roles.

Most of the performances looked dramatic especially the fans and the Chennai slang used here look forced. You don’t need to stress with the language to categorize them with specific characters. There are so many characters in the web series who belong to Chennai but I could see only the fans and the antagonists use that slang. Its high time to get out of this cliché.

With increasing OTT audience, it becomes so obvious to expect for a next season. With the viewers have become more creative themselves, it becomes more important to focus throughout the series as much as you do for the climax twist and most of the times when you try to surprise the audience, they are already prepared.

As a movie fan, ‘Tamil Rockerz’ is worth a watch for its details on what is one of the most threatening crimes that the film industry faces.

Cast: Arun Vijay, Vani Bhojan, Azhagam Perumal, Tharun Kumar, Iswarya Menon, Vinodhini, Vinod Sagar, Sharath Ravi

Directed by: Arivazhagan Produced by: AVM Productions DOP: B. Rajasekar
Music: Vikas Badisa
Editor: V.J. Sabu Joseph