REVIEW – KGF: Chapter 2

KGF 2 opened with a lot of expectations but disappointed in the screenplay with over five introduction scenes and multiple side-tracks. Yash just walks stylishly throughout the movie – from the flames, and approaching from the dark, with silhouette shots.

At every chance Prashath gets, the camera gets into bird’s eye perspective of the gold mines of Kolar, and shows millions of men and women toiling away below. Slaves, yoked to their back-breaking labour without pause, trampled by their cruel lords’ iron feet happened to be doing the same thing again, only this time, the lord is YASH.

Motive to take over KGF lacks strength. Apparently, kidnapping the women you love and force her to reciprocate is still a thing.

Couple of over the top action sequence will cover 50% of ticket cost.

By the way, you should watch INTO THE BADLANDS