REVIEW: Chiranjeevi’s ‘Godfather’ – Raises the Bar With an Action-Packed Treat and a Top-Notch Star Cast

While watching Lucifer, the only thing on audiences’ minds was the unforgettable climax and Lalettan’s performance. We never thought the film could be remade with justice, let alone bested. Yes, it happened with Mohan Raja’s directorial Godfather. The film has an engaging storyline where you just wait for the plot to upheaval every coming moment. Nirav Shah’s cinematography is very careful. With so much action happening in the scene, the prudent use of the frame composition brought out a thrilling response from the audience. 

Chiranjeevi is at his usual best, but something new about his role in this film caught the audience by a pleasant surprise. Godfather’s main character, Brahma, is written maturely, probably to match the stoic and violent character Al Pacino played in The Godfather but with a desi twist. Chiranjeevi has managed to play the character with absolute perfection even though he had pretty few dialogues to speak in the film. Most of his work was evident from his eyes and face. 

The film starts with setting the world of GodFather with well-laid sub-plots. After the death of Andhra Pradesh’s CM, PKR, things turned sour for the party. And a new force of opposition, Brahma, a volatile lone ranger, forces the party’s hands when PKR’s son-in-law is caught breaching the law. The film after Brahma’s entry moves fast, with every other scene glamming up Chiranjeevi’s stylish action sequences. The thunderous entry of Salmaan Khan made things much more interesting, with his usual rogue and Bhai attitude. 

The film could have worked better on making the intro sequences a little less cliche. Flying leaves and dust whenever the MC’s foot meets the ground is getting old and unrealistic. Conclusively, this movie is worth watching if you want a good story and a remarkable Tollywood masala.