Monica, O My Darling – Review

The trailer of Monica O My Darling had the super – From the makers of Andhahun. I was wondering why there is no mention of Vasan Bala’s previous classic Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota. Another thing in my mind was are they saying us to expect another Andhadhun from them? I got answers to both of these questions after I saw the movie. 

Monica, O my darling starts with an accident which kills a person in a robotics company called Unicorn. Then we cut to the 50th Anniversary of the organization where they announce the inclusion of Jayant Arkhedkar on the board of directors. We also see the people who are not happy with this decision and if I am going to say anything more or where the story is traveling towards then it will take away the fun. Close this review and go watch the movie on Netflix right away. 

If you are still reading this review then it means you either need something more in the review or you have already seen the movie. First, let me address the people who want more from a review. Just like Andhadhun, Monica, O My Darling has enough twists to keep you hooked till the end. Technically it is a whodunit thriller/dark comedy and the excellent adapted screenplay by Yogesh Chandekar is eminently supported by a brilliant cast. The movie is based on the book “The heart of Brutus” by Keigo Higashino. If you know who is Keigo then you kind of know what you are going to get in this movie.

Rajkummar Rao plays Jayant who is desperately trying to get out of the situation he is in and trying to solve the problem. There is no need to say that he did a wonderful job his struggles evoke laughter in every scene. Sikander Kher and Huma S Qureshi were fabulous in their roles. I was eagerly waiting for the debut of Bucks in Bollywood and he did his usual best in terms of evoking laughter with his reactions and eyes. Making him play a Tamilian and dialogue in his own voice made it brilliant. You can say this is a cut-out role for him. Radhika Apte as ACP Naidu was just enjoying herself in the role. And the next important thing is the music. Talking about the soundtrack of Monica, O My Darling in itself is going to take a huge post on its own. 

Now if you are reading this post even now, then you have already seen the movie and are expecting me to talk about the homages, tributes, and easter eggs. When a cinephile makes movies having easter eggs and paying homages will definitely be there. Easter Eggs and cinephiles share a stronger bond than anything else in the world. I talked about not mentioning Mard ko Dard Nahi Hota in any of the communications but then you see Supri being Supri and Surya drinking water religiously. 

Niki’s cousin is Vinny, Bates Motel is the hotel Monica goes to, and the flat residents’ names are Anurag Kashyap, PT Anderson, and much more. A good movie with a lot of easter eggs and right now I am turning on Netflix to watch the movie again to dig for more references.