The Unnoticed – ‘Kayamai Kadakka’ Myview

The film moved somewhere from an unnoticed OTT to Amazon prime one day. A very interesting one where with the premise one would expect it to be an action packed edge of the seat thriller but instead turns out to be a calmly engaging psychological thriller.

The generation of youth vetting out their anger and frustration in social media considering themselves responsible citizens, when given an opportunity do they stand by their words? “Social media-ல வாய் கிழிய பேசுவ ஆனா செயல்-ல செய்ய மாட்ட”, “உன் வீட்ல ஒன்னுன்னா தான் தட்டி கேப்ப இல்லனா கோவத்தை உள்ளயே வச்சுக்கிட்டு அடுத்த வேலைய பாக்க போயிருவ” – Meaning your anger is only on the social media, you will question injustice only if its personal, else you just pass by. We have heard this a lot but the way it is told here is more convincing and connecting. The reason behind the multiple personality disorder, to my understanding, is not just to play around the screenplay and I just loved it without deliberately explaining. Top notch cinematography by ‘Sundar Ram Krishnanand’ with some brilliantly shot night sequences. Without much of background score, it is the sound design that takes the film to another level. The writing is excellent and the director is so very crystal clear in what he wants to convey with not much ‘cinematic’ drama and stays as close to reality as possible. All these together doesn’t give you the tiniest hint of this being a low budget debut independent film.

It takes a lot to hold the entire film with just 2 characters in almost 90% of the film and these two guys Masanth and Vatsan were just brilliant on screen. Especially the differentiation in terms of voice modulation and delivery shown by Vatsan between Santhosh and Karthik and the gradual transformation of Masanth (the other Santhosh) from a confused horrified common young man to someone who understands action speaks louder than Facebook posts, these two have managed to hold the audience throughout. The reason behind Santhosh’s mission, is not just an emotional takeaway but it’s the fear of a father already loaded with anger on the social issues and the system.

Not much let downs, some may have concerns on the ‘Karuthu’ or differ ideologically and have logical questions outside of the script like how could he do this or how could that happen and so on. But leaves no impact to what was a brilliant engaging thriller done with utmost clarity.

P.S: The reason told for the last murder is just ?

Screenplay/Director: R. Kiran
Cinematography: Sundar Ram Krishnan
Cast: Vatsan M. Natarajan, Masanth Natarajan, Nagarajan Kannan