REVIEW: Jurassic World – Review

Jurassic World is the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park franchise. But actually the movie is considered as a reboot to the franchise which hit low with Jurassic Park 3. The movie is directed by Colin Treverrow and features Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Irrfan Khan and Vincent D’Onofrio in the major roles. The music for the movie is composed by Michael Giacchino and along with the original theme by John Williams.

This movie serves as a direct sequel to the Jurassic park. The new park named Jurassic World is built over the Jurassic Park. Here the new park is more enhanced and lots of dinosaurs are brought to life and in order to increase the enjoyment the corporation creates a genetically modified hybrid dinousaur namely Indominus Rex. In an incident it breaks loose and the result forms the rest of the movie. Chris Pratt stars as Owen, a Velociraptor trainer and expert. After Guardians of Galaxy this is a big movie for Chris Pratt. He actually makes an impression as a star. His screen presence with the raptors is enjoyable.


This movie misses the charm and thrill the first movie of the series had but scores pretty decently over the other movies. Visuals and CG works forms the backbone of the movie. To be more precise visuals took care of the part where the story lost. Its kind of movie where the children will be amazed by the visuals and the adult will only enjoys the homage and tributes given to the original with the scenes and the John Williams Theme. Beyond that it has nothing to offer, but it somehow managed to keep us seated with eyes in the silver screen rather than mobile screen live tweeting the movie. That is a good sign for the franchise.

My opinion on this movie is that, go watch it once with friends and family. Not much to think or have the thrill of the original but still enjoyable. I enjoyed the cameos and tributes much and few visuals are really worth mentioning. I am not mentioning those here rather watch it in big screen to enjoy it.

P.S: Felt a bit of Godzilla (2014) in the Climax. Also missed Jeff Goldblum in the franchise.

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