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In the series of A-Z Challenge, B for MS Bhaskar.

MS Bhaskar is a prominent supporting actor and a comedian working primarily in Tamil Cinema. He has known in every household for his character of Pattabi in the smashing hit comedy TV series named Chinna Paapa, Periya Paapa which aired on Sun TV. He is one of the most underrated and underutilised actors working right now. Although its great to see Bhaskar getting his due from the movies such as 8 Thottakkal, Soodhu Kavvum but, it is very less when compared to the immense talent the actor possesses.

In this blog, I am not going to stop with one movie where his performance was great and not been given the credit it deserves. The first is the role of Gnaprakasam in Mozhi. As a person who lost his son and lives in the past, he tickles your funny bones. The scene where to comes to term with reality and break down in tears shows the acting prowess of Bhaskar. The second role which I am going to mention here is the role of Chokku Chettiar, Manoranjan’s PA in Uththama Villain. Here right from the beginning, his character will be seen as a comic relief. As the story progresses we can see the changes in the character. The range of emotions he covers reflects a common man’s emotion who has been put through unusual circumstances. He makes us cry, laugh, smile and feel good with the same character in the same movie. In the above cases, the performance of the lead characters is much talked about. Especially in the scene where Chokku reads the letter to Manoranjan, it is definitely impossible to hold your tears. That moment makes you empathise for Manoranjan, Chokku, and every other character in the movie. That scene in a way helps the audience to relate to every character in the movie and it rests in the hands of MS Bhaskar. But we remember Mozhi for Jyothika and Uthama Villain for Kamal Hassan. It is great of these writers who gave excellent supporting characters to uphold these movies which are primarily driven by the lead’s performance.

These kinds of characters have to be appreciated and celebrated. MS Bhaskar deserves that appreciation.

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a scene from Uththama Villain.

As a part of A-Z Challenge, we at movie herald are exploring the underappreciated actors who played a major role in making a movie.

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