#68• S10 • E7 • Netrikkan (1981) – Movie Herald Recommends

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And we are back with a Tamil Film for this week’s recommendation. In this episode, I will be talking about the maiden venture of K Balachander as a producer or rather Kavithalaya’s first production written by Visu, screenplay by KB himself and directed by SP Muthuraman and starring none other than Superstar Rajinikanth. The movie is Netrikkan which got released on Aug 15, 1941. I am talking about this movie on the occasion of 40 years of its release and even after 40 years, it is Rajni who makes you watch this movie amply supported by Visu’s dialogues, SPM’s direction and of course commendable camera work of Babu who made it look flawless with two Rajni on screen. Watch it is savouring the prime of Super star.

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