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Movie Herald is also an entertainment news portal that has a wide variety of movie news articles from Kollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood, Sandalwood, and Hollywood. We provide weekly OTT arrivals in detail. This helps the reader in keeping track of the news releases every week and also reviews some classic movies available on OTT platforms. This not only helps the reader choose movies to watch in theaters but also helps them in choosing what to watch on OTT platforms.

We also report box office collections of new releases. The reports are based on various trusted sources. The Editor analyses the numbers subjectively to give some business insights to the readers about the movie. We at Movie Herald also host a Tamil podcast where we suggest different movies to watch, introduce you to different movies from different parts of the world, and suggest you some of the must-watch movies from India and the rest of the world. Movie Herald also shares the recent photoshoots of celebrities to keep you updated with your favorite stars. This helps you to find all new updates in a single place. offers an ad-free experience to make your reading easy.


As business owners look for new and inventive ways to leverage their IP, increase brand awareness, and connect with fans and followers, entertainment has become an increasingly important component of many brand licensing strategies, ranging from single-focused event or exhibitions. Unlike in previous years (pandemic period), this so-called entertainment component today includes anything and everything related to the idea of fandom. It is no more only about a franchise or character making it to the big screen or a TV show.

Social media has created a more distinct and easily accessible base of devoted fans, is the underlying trend that has fuelled the integration of various business disciplines. And these supporters are not only willing to express their love for a certain brand or personalities, but also keen to take part in other activities via user generated content, competitions, and, of course, product consumption. Entertainment content producers are creating alternative forms of entertainment that extend their brands on a 24/7 basis through social media and e-commerce in ways that are just now starting to become viable business models.

I‘ve come to understand that this portal full of information has been all about dualities—holding in one’s mind two separate, occasionally opposing things as part of a whole, while still moving forward.