About Gopalakrishnan

Welcome to the profile of Gopalakrishnan Krishnasamy

Due to lack of Coding and Photoshop skills I rely on Templates to create a profile for myself.


Work Experience 

Currently working as a Marketing Executive at Mallow Technologies Private limited Karur. 

I take care of the Online Content Strategies, creating content to post in various platforms and blogs.

Responsibilities include monitoring the Analytics of the site and blog, social media reach and engagement and Brand Reach. 

Who AM I? 

Blogging at www.movieherald.com

Blogging at www.satirestall.wordpress.com

Check out my food posts at  Vada Master 

Self Proclaimed Skillsets

I takes this opportunity to brag about myself and let the world know that I am a Marketeer interested gaining extreme attention.

Brilliant Networking 

I don’t shy away from networking and reaching people. When you are a blogger you are bound to plug in your links.

Can up the game

For the sake of sustainability and prosperity I always work in upping the game by at least one level so to gain the advantage.

Time is definitely Money

Pretty keen on timelines and deadlines. If it has to be done by now it should be deployment ready by now. 


Brewing creativity

Creativity is something which I try to juggle with. Am I creative enough? I really don’t know but I do know that I can be interesting like the food icon above.

Despite seeing the above want to give a chance?

Leave me a message !! I would mail back in a jiffy !! Yep Clean Inbox OCD !!

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This page is at its infancy and would be always incomplete. If you wish to know more, please don’t hesitate to shoot a mail.